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What could be more important than how our actors look on screen? A lot of things I guess, but right now this is my top priority. With Charis’ hard work I have a number of clothing companies willing to donate their clothes to dress our actors for the shooting of Relapse. So in exchange for on screen credits at the end of the movie we have designer clothing companies offering to send us our wardrobe for FREE. Very nice. I have been working on getting in touch with them and letting them know what are needs are. Thats all for now!

Joel’s Blog Thing

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Rejection!!! This seems to be the theme of my life at the moment.

For the last three months I have been calling and
knocking on doors of businesses. I have been going to
numerous meetings and gatherings in order to connect
with people and all of this not to much avail.
But we don’t give up, we keep on plowing away because
this movie needs to be made and what would an
adventure be without difficulty.

This journey we have been on has had it’s good
moments. Safeway, Mahina Pizza, Walmart and one or two
others have been willing to help, which is great.
We’ve had individuals give out of their own pockets,
thank you.

I might be able to get contact with Dog the Bunty
Hunter and OC16 “Reel Stories”, to see if we can work
together some how. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Myth or Legend

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        I want to talk briefly about a very respected man who, for a long time now, has been considered part of our 24fol team.  In fact he is so respected by everyone on the team that has claimed to  know him, he is being given a producer credit on “Relapse”, our upcoming feature film project. The man I am talking about is of course, Joel Angyal. The question I would like to pose is, and it is up for discussion,  does Angyal really exist?

We all say we know him and have “seen him sometime today” but where is he now? We’ve all heard the stories, he’s traveled to over 1.000.000 countries, his incredible  skill with a rocket launcher and the countless enemies he’s annihilated with it, All the women that have wanted him and the men that have wanted to be him and on top of all that his gentle, humble demeanor.  Are these really just stories though? Isn’t Joel our own creation? Isn’t he just a compilation of all our greatest ideals of what a man should be and who we want to be ourselves?

The elusive Angyal who we sense passing through the office maybe stopping to look over our shoulder, or the “good rebel” riding off on his steel horse making us want to go where he’s going. He’s everything in one package, everything we’ve ever wanted attain. Is it to good to be true? Is he merely a myth or is he truly a legend?

I’m asking you.

Let me break it down for you…

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Heya–this is Nikki. For Relapse prep I’ve been helping with script edits
and the breakdowns. During the shoot itself, I plan to be working in the
continuity dept. (helping to make sure the script is covered and that one
cut makes sense going into the next–i.e. that Joe’s coat isn’t buttoned in
one shot and then open in the next)
Reading through draft number four today…and trying not to get all the
previous versions mixed up in my head! We will be unlocking the pages and
the scene numbers (again) and that will be lots o’ fun readjusting the
breakdowns. No biggie–it’s part of the game 🙂 Honestly–I love stories
and scripts–and thinking about how to make them really work!

Okay–to follow suit with the list of some favorite flicks:
-Moulin Rouge
-The Fountain
-Big Fish
-The Princess Bride
-Metropolis (I agree, Dave!)
-Schindler’s List
-Sleepy Hollow
-The Painted Veil
-and definitely…The Disney Robin Hood with the Foxes

Something Andrew Forgot to Title so Dave had to

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Why is there pain and suffering in the world? What is the purpose of our life? Why do good girls go bad? These are the questions I ponder each and every day. They are also some of the questions we will be answering in RELAPSE: the movie. Make sure you are following this blog because history folks…it’s being made.

tongue firmly in cheek

Dave Strikes Back

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Today I’ll be helping out Hiroko with looking into how to get some rubber props. In one of the scenes, someone gets struck on the head with a gun. So we ordered a rubber gun online, but the plastic was so ridiculously hard that our metal gun was softer. Kim, being the genious that she is says she might be able to make one. I know. That’s crazy. Something to do with latex and cheese-cloth or something. Mmm cheese. We also need a rubber 2 x 4 as well. In the set dec dept. I’m also looking for some good templates for diplomas that will be in the doctor’s office and found this website that has a diploma generator that was kindof fun to mess with.


Some of my favorite movies (excluding braveheart, gladiator, star wars, saving private ryan – yes i love them)

  • Dark City
  • Life is Beautiful
  • Dumb and Dumber
  • Swiss Family Robinson
  • Last of the Mohiccans
  • Office Space
  •  Envy
  • Equilibrium
  • Metroplis

Thrills of producing…

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Hi- Morgan here- another excited and enthusiastic filmmaker working on the movie Relapse. I’m on the production team helping with fundraising, location scouting, and the script breakdown.

Basically, I’m either in the office all day figuring out how to get what we need or driving around this beautiful Hawaiian island meeting with people and trying to get it. Sound fun? Oh, trust me, it’s definitely a good time.

Because I’ve never written a blog before and don’t know how to depict my sense of humor through writing- I’ll keep this short and sweet.

If you enjoy movies- want to make a difference- and have an artistic flare- you should do the School of Digital Filmmaking at the University of the Nations OR use your talent to donate the price of a movie ticket towards our film and be a part of the bigger picture!

To follow the tradition of the other blogs- here are a few of my favorite movies:

Hotel Rwanda
City of God
American History X
Big Fish
Full Metal Jacket
Dumb and Dumber
Tommy Boy

(So many more… if you haven’t seen some of these I would highly recommend watching them)